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Books for Adults

Blessed Are You (The Beatitudes) NEW!

Stories of Jesus: His Parables NEW!

Praying with Proverbs Mandala Journal NEW!

Courage, Compassion and Confidence NEW!

Ponder, Pause and Pray

Advent: We Wait and Anticipate

Will We Learn

Women in the Gospels

Who is Jesus?

Works of Mercy: Corporal and Spiritual

Be Joyful

Journey with John: Three Epistles of John the Apostle

Reflections on Psalm 139

Miracles Today (True Stories)

Beatitudes for Children

Peter’s Perspectives: First Epistle

Peter’s Perspectives: Second Epistle

The Bi-Ritual Priest (Life Story of Fr. John Ederer)

The Determined Dandelion

Pray with Me (Based on The Lord’s Prayer)

Advent: We Wait and Anticipate (2021) – Cycle C

Give Me Faith to Carry On

Friendship (Based on Sirach)

Spirituali-TEA: Jesus Invites You to Tea

God’s Chosen One (Based on Colossians)

Give Me Hope: Psalms for Comfort

Grow in the Love of God (Daily Devotional)

Dream and Inspire (Blank Journal Book)

Praying with Proverbs (Vol 3)

Praying with Proverbs (Vol 2)

33 Days with Jesus


Journal of Gratitude and Forgiveness (Blank Journal Book)

Fruits of the Spirit

Praying with Proverbs (Vol 1)

Rest in God’s Love (Evening Devotional)

Wake Up to Good News (Morning Devotional)

The Divine Deck: What a Deck of Cards Tells Us about Faith & Life

Open Your Door to God’s Love

Advent: We Wait and Anticipate (2020 — Cycle B)

Advent Mandala Journal

Radiate Kindness

Jesus’ Miracles and Healings

An Appointment with Mother Nature

The Jesus Parables

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Jesus, My Faithful Shepherd

God’s Spice of Life

Wings to Soar

78 Words for Life’s Journey

God, Change My Heart: A Lenten Prayer Book

Be Mine (Valentines from God)

Celebrate Life

Women Today Making a Difference

Reflections on the Prayer of St. Francis

Threads of Wisdom

Advent: We Wait and Anticipate (Cycle A)

Transformation: 40 Days of Reflections in the Easter Season

The Divine Florist

Joshua of the Day (co-editor)

Joshua’s Journal (companion to Joshua of the Day)

Prayers for All Occasions

24 Remarkable Women

Life is a Celebration!

Dorothy & Dominic’s Daily Devotional

52 Weeks of Inspiration

Seasons of Love

Time with the Divine

Wisdom for Life’s Journey

Jesus the Master Quilter

Spirituality of a Quilter

Love Stories

Nourish Your Soul

Children Whisper to God

Spiritual Nourishment

Whispers from the Spirit

The Spirit Whispers

A Golfer’s Prayer Brook

A Golfer’s Day with the Master

Colors of the Spirit

Children’s Books

Lucy’s Laptop

The Wonderful Weather of God

Musical Instruments Believe

Reach for the Stars: A Prayer Book for Children

Going Places in Life:  A Story of Adventure as Told by Luggage

Joshua for Kids

Jesus’ Alphabet 

A Message from God’s Creatures 

The Gift of Trees

Here’s the Scoop: The History of Ice Cream and More

Jesus, the Master Gardener

A “Tail to Tell” (A Book about Dogs)

The Cat’s Meow

A Golfer’s Day with the Master (For Young Golfers)

Sportstacular: History of Sports

The Way to Bee

The Way of the Cross

Mandala Journals

Music for the Soul 

Praying the Psalms  

The Power of Mercy

Believe in Yourself

Follow Your Heart

Live Your Dream

The Gift of Hope

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